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Our Company is a Maker & Manufacturer of Sheet Metal Processing works adopting mainly a Packaged Production System for our products such as the Products of Elaborate Design for Elevator unit, Electrical spare parts, Switch-board & Independent board box, etc..
And this System has been applied to the Operations, starting from the Designing to the Production, based on a special order.

Since establishment of our Company, we have been always trying to meet the needs of our Clients and based on our Slogan of [Creation of the Idea to Forwarding our Products],  we are trying to stick to only limited Products and continue to produce our high quality products, making the most of skilled Processing technology and it is our idea to attach importance to the products of Elaborate Design.

From now on, we will always try to continue to provide a New advanced Processing Technology, making a good use of our longtime experience.

We will also make our efforts to respond to the request of [the production of various kinds of product, small lots and short time for delivery]
And our effort will be devoted to our work for fabricating a high Valued Productwith high quality in the future.

It would be highly appreciated for us to receive your favor with further advice and encouragement hereafter.
Thank you.


Management Philosophy


We will create an enterprise that consistently provides customers with faithful work.

We will create an enterprise that is always concerned with progress and
the improvement of technologies and knowledge in a proactive manner.

We will create an enterprise with a bright atmosphere through the concerted efforts and ideas of all employees.

We will create an enterprise that can contribute to the prosperity of local society.

Company Creed


Honesty Enthusiasm

Activeness Enlightenment

Cooperation Co-prosperity


Corporate Profile



Corporate Name Nakacoh Corporation
Location 〒493-0001
106-2 Aza Igetaguro, Kuroda, Kisogawa-cho, Ichinomiya City, Aichi, Japan
Phone: +81-586-87-2181
Fax: +81-586-87-2001
Foundation December 21, 1954
Establishment October 12, 1981
Capital 10,000,000 yen
President Naohiko Yano
Business Lines

Manufacturing sector
Design of custom-order elevators, sheet metal work, painting, assembly, packing, elevator fixtures, electric parts for elevators, chassis for security-related product, chassis for equipment operation panels, rack-related items, development, design and manufacturing of other special metal sheets, laser-marking products, and resin fixtures.
Site construction sector
Renovation of the elevator
The renovation in the building

Client Companies Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Nitto Electric Works, Ltd.,
Mitsubishi Hitachi Home Elevator Corporation
Yamada Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Omron Amusement Co., Ltd.
About 50 more companies
Transfer Agent Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd., Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.





December 1954 Established the joint-stock company Nakacoh Seisakusho at the present location (Capital 1,000,000 yen).
April 1957 Started transactions with Nagoya Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
November 1964 Started transactions with Inazawa Works, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
March 1965 Completed the office building and the dining hall.
March 1972 Constructed the new first plant.
May 1974 Started transactions with Nitto Electric Works, Ltd.
July 1978 Constructed the new second plant.
November 1981 Reorganized the company into Nakacoh Corporation (Capital 10,000,000 yen).
April 1990 Constructed the new third plant.
October 1998 Constructed the new building (Engineering Building)
April 1999 Expanded the first plant.
December 2000 Started production of laser marking products and resin fixtures.
April 2001 Acquired ISO 9001 certification (JMI/JQA-AM6493).
September 2007 Acquired ISO 14001 certification (JMI/JQA-EM5895) 
January 2012 General Construction Business Governor’s Permit-Aichi Pref. Han-23 –61458
March 2012 [Aichi-Brand] was approved Certificate No.801
February 2014 General Construction Business Governor’s Permit-Aichi Pref.Han-25-61458 Additional business





106-2 Aza Igetaguro, Kuroda, Kisogawa-cho, Ichinomiya City, Aichi, Japan
Phone: +81-586-87-2181
Fax: +81-586-87-2001

Approx.Five(5) minutes by Car
from Ichinomiya Kisogawa Inter-change
*JR Line
Approx.15 minutes walk
from JR Kisogawa Station
*Meitetsu Line
Approx. 20 minutes walk
From Kuroda Station-Meitetsu Line