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We always try to reply for your Inquiry within 3 days( 3 working days),

But please give us a direct-call to the following numbers, if in case we failed to reply you.





Please use following Form and fill-in(In-put) your required/necessary information.

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Whenever you send required information, using attached Form, we will consider that you have agreed with the following
[ Instructions in regard to Individual Information described]


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Instructions how to handle Individual Information

Private Policy=Plan for Protection of Individual Information
NAKACOH Corporation( hereinafter referred to as Our Company)decided to setup the Policy for Protection of Individual Information and
provided a mechanism how to protect it.
In order to carry out this Policy, NAKA COH hereby tries to promote Importance of this policy to be consistent among
his staff and all of his employee.

Control system for Protection of Individual Information
In order to avoid Improper Access, Loss, Damage, Tampering, disclosure, etc.,
Our Company will keep each Individual Information from our Clients in proper/accurate way with the latest conditions.
Our Company will take necessary action to maintain our proper Security system and severe Control system.
We will also try to activate our Employee Education system and put a countermeasure of safety into operation.
Adopting above mentioned Counter plans, we will build up a severe & strict
Control system to protect Individual Information from our clients.

Purpose for utilization of Individual Information
Our Company can use Individual Information from our Clients only when it is necessary for us to send an Electronic
mail for our communication purpose such as answering to the questions from our clients
correspondence between our clients, and exchange of our business information & data.

Prohibition of disclosure and offer of Individual Information to the third party
Our Individual Information from the clients has been controlled properly by our company and this information will not be disclosed
to the third party except the case, described as follows;
 *When Client agreed to disclose it.
 *When we decided to disclose Information to our Sub-contractor in order to consign our job for our clients.
 *When we have to disclose Information from our clients in accordance with Laws and ordinances.

Counter Plan of Safety for Individual Information
 Our Company always considers how to cope with a perfect Security System in order to secure the Safety and Accuracy
of Individual Information.

Inquiry of person himself
 Whenever client intends to inquire, amend and delete his private information,
we can take care of client after confirmation of his identity.

Observance and improvement of Laws & Regulations
 Our Company will follow strictly to our Japanese Laws and Regulations which should be applied to the Information
at hand from our clients in regard to the protection of Individual Information.
But not only observance of our Laws, but also we should make our efforts to study content of our Policy and improve it.

 For your Inquiry in regard to our transaction of Individual Information, please feel free to contact following Address and
Telephone Number.

Postal code No.493-0001
106-2 Aza Igetaguro Kuroda Kisogawa-cho
Ichinomiya-shi Aichi-Pref., Japan
Tel: 0586-87-2181