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Explanation of our business


We are trying to produce each Product, provided to our valued client with all our Hearts.

Our Company is trying to give full play to our ability in order to ensure Quality, Cost and Time for Delivery.

Our Company is trying to produce a high quality & satisfactory
Product to our valued Client by our appropriate Production Control System which will control our Professional staff and effective & quick process line of products.



Upon receiving an Order from our client, we will discuss the possibility of the production of
its product if we can make it or not.
We will realize application of maximum know-how of our Design and challenge to apply our
latest new Materials & Technology, etc. and make as much effort as we can in
order to produce their Products, proposed by our clients.
A Blueprint will be drawn for the product & design of Spare parts.
And it will be prepared as a Production Order to the Production line it should be so called
a skilled & expert work imaging our finished products.


Machine processing


Cutting, making a hall, and an external processing will be done by mainly 
a Fiber -laser processing machine.

For bending process, size of processing for bending will be inputted into a Press-break Unit.
It will be a hard job, requiring high & great skill and severe adjustments,
depending on the quality of the materials.


Sheet-Metal Processing


This will be the processing of a Product to assemble our finished spare parts by welding
and glueing(Adhesive).
After studying our Drawings, we will make our very best to make attractive products with
our elaborated Design.
In the Process of finishing & completion of our Products, we will apply
Careful Scratch-repairing & polishing work to the surface of the products and welding-spots
or traces.
Careless Jobs of above Processing will be affected after finishing Painting
Process of our Products.
From a standpoint of Safety, we will also give consideration to our clients if our product
will give them a hard time or it will hurt them.


Wiring & Assembling


Based on our Packaged Processing System, we will carry out our jobs from the
Designing of Electrical wiring to the Wiring & Assembling of the Products.


Construction/installation on the Spot


Covering of three sides frame
Re-polishing of three sides frame
Re-polishing of threshold SUS aluminum
Installation of Hand-rail
Installation of Inside Mirror(Stainless)of Elevator.
Floor Tile installation
Dressed film pasting Job
Painting Job on the spot
Contract job for temporary Fence installation(Rental)